Checklist for Starting a Business

Starting and managing a business takes motivation, unrelenting desire, and talent. It also requires a lot of research and planning. Try as you might, it is not possible to know everything in the beginning.

Research and planning will help minimize the unknowns and make you better prepared. Remember, lack of planning is one of the leading causes of business failures. When you start a business, your only goal is to make it succeed. And to succeed, you must be able to control all the variables along the way.

Here is the Fundamental Guide that you cannot do without. Don’t leave your start up business to chance. Here is the checklist of basic questions that will help you conceptualize, formulate and understand your new business – and take you through every single step that you need to do.

It is not a matter of survival. It is a matter of knowing where you’re going and getting there with the right directions.

“Checklist for Starting a Small Business” by Isabel M. Isidro is an e-book loaded with practical tips, to transform your bright idea into an income generating machine.

This 173-page DOWNLOAD ONLY e-book contains the following:

CHAPTER 1: Knowing What It Takes

  • Choosing self-employment
  • Entrepreneurial personality
  • Skills and experience needed
  • Knowledge in starting & running a business
  • Starting a business with zero knowledge
  • Right attitude to adopt
  • Wearing multiple hats

CHAPTER 2: Choosing Your Business

  • Choosing the right business
  • Emerging social trends
  • Ways to decide on a business
  • Suitability to your personality and tastes
  • Methods in choosing a business
  • Common mistakes in choosing a business

CHAPTER 3: Checking Your Business Idea

  • Does it satisfy or create a market need?
  • Is your idea something the market wants?
  • What niche will your business fill?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Can you deliver a better quality service?
  • Can you create a demand for your business?
  • Will the product maintain market appeal?
  • Have you priced your product competitively?
  • What is the level of difficulty in the creation or implementation of the product?
  • What are the growth possibilities?
  • Can you get backend sales? Is the product safe?
  • Can your product be promoted with strong advertising copy?
  • Will you be left with an inventory?

CHAPTER 4: Laying the Groundwork

  • Roads to business ownership
  • Franchising
  • Buying a business
  • Legal requirements (permits, licenses, business registration, etc.)
  • Legal structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC)
  • Insurance coverage
  • Profiting from inventions

CHAPTER 5: Financing Your Business

  • Your financial readiness to start a business
  • Costs of starting a business
  • Common start-up expenses
  • Raising money to start a business
  • Getting a bank loan
  • Getting an SBA loan
  • Using business or supplier credit
  • Process for raising capital
  • Small business & venture capital financing
  • Finding an “angel” investor
  • Free money from grants
  • Back-up measures when resources are not enough

CHAPTER 6: Starting Your Engine

  • Choosing your business strategy
  • Putting together a business plan
  • Deciding on format (traditional brick-and-mortar or an Internet business)
  • Maintaining business records
  • Location of the business
  • Moving the business to the mall
  • Choosing the name of the business
  • Creating a logo
  • Protecting your idea
  • Other things needed before posting the “Open for Business” sign
  • Launching a new business successfully

CHAPTER 7: Revving Up Your Engine

  • Surviving the next 1,000 days
  • Common small business mistakes
  • 10 ways your new business can succeed
  • Tests to know if your business is successful
  • Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

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