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| January 4, 2011 | 2 Comments

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.One way to start a business is to do it on the side while you are working full-time. You can moonlight in your spare time and run your business in your spare time while keeping your day job.

Running the business while having a steady paycheck will allow you to assess the viability of your business and allows you to better see its potentials. You can work on your business as a sideline until you have built up enough earnings to leave your full time job, or stumbled on an opportunity that will allow your business to grow by leaps and bounds. There will probably be no greater feeling than when you walk out the door and into a business wherein you call the shots!

Seth Godin in his book “If You’re Clueless About Starting Your Own Business and Want to Know More” offers this advice on moonlighting:

The key of course is to consider your employer, and avoid situations that can lead to conflicts of interests (e.g. your new business is a direct competitor of your employer or you are using company time and resources for your business).  One way to get a taste of what starting and running a business is all about is to moonlight while you’re still working your full-time gig. You can ease into the whole process slowly while you still have the security and benefits of your job.

If you’ve got a job that offers benefits and a pension plan, giving it all up to face the uncertainties of self-employment may be too risky. That’s why so many entrepreneurs get their start in college by launching a little business on the side — they’ve got room and board paid for, and it’s far less risky to give it a go part-time.

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  1. surki says:

    This is exactly what I am doing now!

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